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Dental Hygiene Cleaning In Toronto, ON

Many of us routinely go for a dental hygiene cleaning or a teeth cleaning based on our dentist’s or dental hygienists’ recommendations. But have you ever wondered why a dental cleaning is necessary and how often you should get your teeth cleaned?

Proper oral care begins at home, with the daily care that you give to your teeth. Brushing and flossing your teeth are important to remove food particles and dental plaque. Dental plaque is also referred to as periodontal plaque. It can begin to form on the teeth and in between teeth in as little as 4 hours after you have brushed your teeth! If this plaque is not removed properly, it can cause bleeding gums that may be swollen, tender and sore. These are the symptoms of gum disease, also known as gingivitis.

Dental plaque that is left for a period of time begins to harden on the teeth and in between teeth. It can also harden under the gums. Once it is in a hardened state, it cannot be removed by regular brushing and flossing. Only a professional dental cleaning by a dental hygienist or dentist will result in the hardened plaque being removed. This hardened plaque is also referred to as tartar or calculus.

Your dental hygienist or dentist will recommend that you get your teeth cleaning regularly, based on their findings of your oral health. Some patients may only require a dental cleaning a few times a year to maintain their oral health. Other patients may require much more dental cleanings, due to the condition of their oral health.

Dental Cleaning Signs:

– Gums that bleed often
– Gums that feel sore or tender
– Buildup on the teeth that can be seen
– Buildup on the teeth that can be felt
– Gum recession (low gums)
– Deep periodontal gum pockets
– Diabetes (especially uncontrolled)
– Bone loss in the mouth
– Teeth that feel loose due to bone loss

Dental Cleaning Helps:

– Stop your gums from bleeding
– Reduce soreness or tenderness of the gums
– Removes the buildup on or in between your teeth
– Access hard to reach areas for a proper clean
– Help to manage uncontrolled diabetes
– Help to prevent further bone loss by treating periodontal disease
– Reduce your chances of gum loss or recession due to periodontal disease

Patients who regularly floss and brush their teeth, and who have good oral health, may only require a few cleanings per year. Patients who have a history of gum disease and periodontal disease will require dental cleanings more often, to restore dental health and maintain it.

Some patients may have periodontal pockets, which occur when the bone supporting the teeth, is lost. When this bone is lost, bacteria in the mouth, can make its way under deeper under the gum and cause periodontal disease. Patients with periodontal pockets may require dental cleanings very often, to properly remove the bacteria from these deep areas. Regular brushing and flossing at home are not able to access these deep areas.

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, such as bleeding or sore gums, buildup on or between your teeth or you have never had a dental cleaning before, contact us now.


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