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Dental Implants In Toronto, ON

Dental implants have been successfully used in dentistry for over 40 years, and their use as the preferred tooth replacement option continues to grow. It is the best tooth replacement option for any age.


What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is usually tapered or circular and is usually made of titanium. It is secured into the jaw for a stable fit. Once it is placed, an abutment or connector is positioned on top of the implant. This connector will enable the artificial tooth portion, to attach to the upper part of the dental implant. An artificial tooth structure, such as a dental crown, is then placed on top of the abutment or connector.

The image below shows a dental implant that has been secured into the jaw bone. The object above the dental implant screw is called the abutment or connector, and the topmost object is the dental crown, that will be fitted to the connector.

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Benefits Of Dental Implants


Preserve Bone & Facial Appearance

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that helps to preserve the bone in the mouth. When the dental implant is secured to the bone, it stimulates the bone through pressures and forces that are created when chewing or eating. The bone that is stimulated has a reason to be present in the mouth. When another tooth replacement option, such as a dental bridge or a partial denture is used, bone loss occurs in the mouth. A dental bridge or partial denture does not interact with the bone under the gums, and as a result, that bone begins to shrink. Over time, this shrinking will change the appearance of the face and smile, especially if shrinking occurs in more than one area. When the bone shrinks, complete or full dentures will not fit correctly and will require adjustments to fit properly. This adjustment is referred to as a denture reline.

Does Not Affect Nearby Teeth

A dental bridge requires that the nearby teeth be modified, for the dental bridge to fit on top of them. This means that natural tooth structure needs to be removed to fit the dental bridge. Dental implants can be placed without affecting other teeth.

Worry-Free Eating & Chewing

Due to the secure fit of the dental implant, the artificial tooth can withstand normal chewing forces that other tooth replacement options may not be able to handle. Biting into an apple or chewing steak can be done normally, once the implant has been placed and the area has healed properly. For those with traditional upper and lower dentures, options such as implant-supported dentures, can restore chewing ability and allow the enjoyment of foods that previously needed to be avoided.


Natural Look, Feel & Function

Dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth. Your dentist will ensure that your newly placed dental implant, matches the shape and colour of your existing teeth, for a seamless look.

Built To Last A Lifetime

Unlike a dental bridge, which may only last 5 to 10 years with proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care and dental visits to monitor the implant.

Speak Easily

Speaking confidently at all times is no issue when you have dental implants. A partial denture or full denture can slip or move out of position, especially when bone loss has occurred. This is not an issue with dental implants because they help to preserve your natural bone.

No Chance Of Cavities

Since the dental implant is not made of organic tissue, there is no chance of developing a cavity on the dental implant or the artificial tooth structure. You will still need to care for your implant and have regular dental cleanings, to maintain the health of your other teeth.

What Is The Process?

Your dentist will perform a thorough examination of your mouth and prepare a treatment plan that is tailored for you. They will determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. Factors such as current bone levels, general health and habits are considered. They will discuss the treatment plan with you, along with the implant to be used and the shade of the artificial tooth, to match your existing teeth.

The first step is to place the dental implant into the jaw bone surgically. The area will be closed up after the implant is placed and left to heal. This healing time allows your natural bone to fuse to the dental implant for a secure foundation and fit. The healing time varies between patients. In some patients, results are seen in weeks and for other patients, a few months may be required.

When it is determined that the implant has properly fused to the bone, a connector will be placed on top of the dental implant. The artificial replacement tooth structure is then attached to the connector. After that, the procedure is complete, and you can enjoy your life without worry again!

If you are missing any teeth, don’t delay discussing tooth replacement options. The longer you wait, the more bone loss that will occur in the mouth, contact us now for your complimentary consultation.


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Professional Whitening

Whether you want to brighten your smile for an upcoming event or remove years of stain, we have whitening options to help.

Dental Fillings

If you have dental decay, a dental filling that perfectly matches the look, shape and colour of your existing teeth, will leave you with a natural looking smile.

Dental Cleaning

If you have gums that are sore, tender or bleed easily, you may have gum disease. A dental cleaning can help to reverse the effects of gum disease.

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