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Dental Fillings & Restorations

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Dental Fillings & Restorations In Toronto, ON

Even with the best intentions and efforts in mind for our oral health, most of us will end up with at least one cavity in our lifetime. Once we develop a cavity or dental decay, the next step is to remove the decay and repair the tooth. Chipping, cracking and fracturing of the teeth can also be treated with dental fillings. Uneven wearing or premature wearing of the teeth are also fixed with dental filling material.

There are many types of dental materials used to restore teeth. Fortunately, advancements in dental technology, allow tooth fillings or restorations to become seamless with our natural teeth.

In the past, most dental fillings were primarily made of amalgam, which is a silver coloured filling material. Most dentists will use a composite filling material that is white and can accurately match the existing tooth’s colour. This allows for a natural and indistinguishable look from the rest of the teeth.

When restoring your teeth, the choice of dental materials used will vary depending on the tooth and its position in the mouth. For teeth that are visible when you smile, a white dental filling material will be used. White dental material may also be used for the back teeth, even though they may not be visible when smiling.

If the tooth that is being restored, is responsible for chewing food or will be subject to heavy force or pressure, other dental materials may be used, such as ceramic, gold or amalgam. Our dental team with consult with you to ensure that the best option is chosen to suit your needs.

Composite fillings and metal fillings both have their advantages and disadvantages. Composite fillings do not last as long as metal fillings but with each passing year, the technology gets better. Metal fillings affect having a natural looking smile but they do last longer than composite tooth coloured fillings.

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Start the new school season off right with a dental cleaning and dental check-up. Call us today to schedule your visit: (416) 652-7590
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