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Dental Bridge in Toronto, ON


What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a tooth replacement option that is used to fill the space or gap left by a missing tooth. It is normally made up of two dental crowns for the teeth that are on opposite ends of the gap or space left by a missing tooth. The dental crowns are fitted over the two teeth that are on each side of the gap, and are called anchor teeth or abutment teeth. In the middle of the two dental crowns is the replacement tooth or false tooth that is used to fill in the gap or space. This replacement tooth is called a pontic. There may be one replacement tooth, or more than one replacement teeth present depending on the size of the gap that needs to be filled.

The dental bridge can be made of gold, porcelain, alloys or a combination of these materials. Dental bridges require natural teeth or dental implants to be present if they are used.

Benefits Of A Dental Bridge

  • Helps restore your smile
  • Restores the functionality to properly speak and eat
  • Maintains your smile and the shape of your face
  • Distributes pressure when biting and chewing properly
  • Prevents remaining natural teeth from drifting or moving out of position

Dental Bridge Procedure

During your first visit, the abutment teeth are prepared by modifying the tooth structure through the removal of enamel.This step allows the dental crown portion of the bridge to fit on top of the prepared teeth. A dental impression is taken of the teeth and a mouth model is created from the impression. A temporary bridge may be used to protect the prepared teeth and gums until the permanent bridge is ready.


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Dental Bridge Considerations

Unlike a dental implant, a traditional dental bridge requires some natural teeth to be modified to accommodate the bridge. For the dental crown portion of the bridge to be secured to teeth on the opposite ends of the gap, some of the tooth’s enamel must be removed. When the enamel is removed, the dental crown can be permanently cemented on top of the modified teeth.

A traditional dental bridge will not prevent bone loss in the area of the gap or space because the replacement tooth just sits above the gap or space. A dental implant would prevent bone loss in the area because the dental implant is fused to the jawbone. An implant-supported bridge will also help to prevent bone loss in the affected areas.

Other tooth replacement options such as partial dentures or traditional dentures will also lead to bone loss over time. Only implant-supported prosthesis can help to prevent bone loss in the mouth.

Dental bridges can last up to fifteen years or even longer with proper care and oral hygiene. Regularly scheduled dental visits and exams will allow your dental team to monitor your oral health and the condition of your dental bridge.


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Dental Bridge

If you are missing one or more teeth, a dental bridge can help to restore your smile and function.

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